Introduction to RICHEX

The Richtol Exchange (RICHEX) is a member of the EdJewCorp family of educational websites, designed to engage Jewish students in fresh and innovative methods of learning.

RICHEX showcases the rich variety of Israeli companies that have elected to list their shares for trading in the United States. The companies represent the cutting-edge of Israeli ingenuity in multiple industries and business sectors.

Sometimes described as the Start-Up Nation, Israel is a global influencer in fields that include technology, agribusiness, energy, conservation, defense, healthcare, and telecommunications, among others.

RICHEX is designed to introduce students – on their own or in a classroom setting – to basic stock-picking concepts and skills, while simultaneously increasing their awareness of the businesses that are central to Israel’s economic growth and well-being.

RICHEX hosts a recurring student stock-picking challenge. After reviewing the large slate of Israeli stocks listed in the U.S., students are tasked with selecting five stocks and track them for a period of three months. At the conclusion of every challenge, students are notified how their “portfolio” of stocks performed, and how they fared in comparison with other students from around the country who also participated.

In addition to core information about each U.S.-listed Israeli stock, students have access to a glossary of basic stock-related terms and articles that discuss the securities markets.

In the future, RICHEX will also provide Jewish day school teachers lesson plans and supplemental materials suitable for use as a classroom economics module.

Parents Welcome

RICHEX is most age-appropriate for students in the 7th through 12th grades, although younger students may also enjoy trying their hands at stock picking and discovering Israeli companies. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to select their own five-stock portfolios and participate along with their children, discussing the companies and the workings of the stock market as they go.

About the Richtols

The Richtol Exchange (and RICHEX) are named in memory of Donald Manuel Richtol z’l, and in honor of his wife, Barbara (both pictured above). RICHEX was officially launched on the one-year anniversary of Don’s passing in January 2015.

From early on Don Richtol was captivated by the inner-workings of business and the securities markets. An MBA graduate of the University of Denver, Don worked first as a private accountant, and then for more than three decades as a proud agent with the Internal Revenue Service.

One of Don’s passions was scrutinizing the business press, always on the lookout for safe investment opportunities. Don loved to read The Wall Street Journal daily, and religiously watch CNBC and The Nightly Business Report.

Raised in Denver, CO, Don married the love of his life, Barbara, a devoted public school teacher, and the couple made their home in Seal Beach, CA, during their 43-year marriage. The education of our youth and support of Israel were important causes that Don and Barbara embraced.

Both Don and Barbara are shining examples of the ability of all individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, no matter their profession or income level.

In the “exchange” that counts most – leading virtuous lives, giving back, and sharing love – the Richtols most certainly were among our nation’s ultra rich.