There are only winners in the Richtol Exchange Israel Stock Picking Challenge for Students.

That’s because regardless of how your portfolio of five stocks performs during the two-month competition window, you’ll profit from getting to know more about Israel’s great, innovative companies, as well as how the stock markets work.

Challenge #2 starts on July 5, 2016. You have until then to study the companies and make your choices.


The rules for entry into the competition are as follows:

    • You must be at least 10-years-old to participate in the Richtol Exchange Israel Stock Picking Challenge for Students. Students who are younger than 13-years-old require parental or teacher permission to participate. By agreeing to the rules for entry, you are acknowledging that you are 13-years-old or older (or, if you are younger, that you have permission from a parent, legal guardian, or teacher to participate). Violating these terms will lead to permanent expulsion from the challenge.


    • Choose five stocks from our selection of Israeli companies currently listed on NASDAQ. These stocks will be your portfolio.


    • Each person is only allowed to submit one portfolio per challenge. Challenge #2 runs for 60 days, from November 7, 2016 to December 30, 2016.


    • After you submit your portfolio, we will invest 1,000 Richtol Points in each of the five stocks, based on their value at the close of trading on November 4, 2016. Each Richtol Point is equivalent to $1 USD. No matter what stocks are picked, everyone will begin the competition with portfolio worth 5,000 Richtol Points when the real NASDAQ market begins trading on November 7, 2016.


    • Please note that we are not actually purchasing securities. Though RICHEX stocks reflect the actual market price of each company’s securities, all “purchases” are just for play. Think of Richtol Points like Monopoly® or Life® money. All that they can buy you is bragging rights.


    • After trading ends on the NASDAQ market on December 30, 2016, the share price of each company in the game will be assessed to determine whether it grew or shrunk or since November 7, 2016 – and by how much.


    • The participant whose portfolio of five stocks grew the most in total Richtol Points over the course of the 60-day challenge will be named the winner. If no participant’s portfolio grew in the 60-day challenge period, then the participant whose portfolio shrunk the least will be named the winner. In the event of a tie, more than one winner will be announced.


    • The only value (other than intrinsic education) in winning the Richtol Exchange Israel Stock Picking Challenge for Students is bragging rights. There is no cash value prize.


    • We will announce the winner of the Richtol Exchange Israel Stock Picking Challenge for Students after September 9, 2016. Top performers in each challenge will be listed (by first name, last initial, grade, and city) on the website, as well as all-time top performers.


    • Challenge #3 will begin in 2017. The entry rules and conditions may change ahead of the next challenge, so please check the rules again before entering Challenge #3.


  • Through your participation in the Richtol Exchange Israel Stock Picking Challenge for Students, you give us permission to communicate with you by email, and to send you email updates.


For more information about the Israel Stock Picking Challenge for Students, email us at Teachers are invited to contact us to discuss how to integrate the Richtol Exchange into their classroom curriculum.