The Richtol Exchange is the creation Colorado’s Rotbart Family, which has worked to transform Jewish education for more than fifteen years.

rotbartdeanWSJ-mDean is a former Wall Street Journal stock market columnist. He was nominated by the Journal for a Pulitzer Prize in Explanatory Journalism for his investigative story on market short-sellers.




1005844Talya has spent the past 30 years as a researcher, covering the media and its intersection with business. A passionate supporter of the State of Israel and its innovative companies, she is RICHEX’s social media director, posting regularly at



Maxwell_May_2015Maxwell is a licensed economics teacher and educational entrepreneur. In addition to RICHEX, his company, EdJewCorp, includes brands such as Radio Chavura and Doc History.






Avital is the website’s graphic and photo editor. A social documentary major at Metropolitan State University of Denver, Avital’s photos are regularly featured on PsychCentral, Martin’s Business Milestones and other popular websites. She may be reached at





Rotbart Family Photo Credit: Lily Nevins-Perle, 2015